New EA Book, “Coherency Management”, is Now Available

“Coherency Management – Architecting the Enterprise for Alignment, Agility and Assurance” is a new EA book from co-editors Gary Doucet, John Goetz, Palla Saha and Scott Bernard.    It includes a chapter, contributed by Larry DeBoever, George Paras and Tim Westbrock at EAdirections, entitled “A Pragmatic Approach to Enlisting the Support of CEOs for Enterprise Architecture”.  This chapter covers everything from assessing a leadership team’s attitides and perspectives, to executive messaging, alignment approaches. and specific recommendations on how to engage the CEO and other executive leaders.

With submissions from over 30 authors and co-authors, the book reinforces the idea that EA is being practiced in an ever-increasing variety of circumstances – from the tactical to the strategic, from the technical to the political, and with governance that ranges from sell to tell.  One key message is that  EA must be viewed as an Enterprise Design and Management approach, adopted to building better enterprises, rather than a IT Design and Management approach limited to building better systems.

It is available directly from the publisher, AuthorHouse, or from your favorite bookseller.


3 thoughts on “New EA Book, “Coherency Management”, is Now Available”

  1. Well it is a good book; However it is worth mentioning it takes quite a long time to receive it via Amazon or other book shops. Therefore should potential buyers of the book be aware of it might take them up to two weeks before they receive the book.

  2. When I received this book from Amazon, I was part way through reading Enterprise Architecture as Strategy by Ross, et al.

    After reading the first chapter of Coherency, I put the Ross book on the shelf. An excellent set of papers on the topic of Enterprise Architecture and the contribution of our profession to coherent, sound corporate management. Some of the papers didn’t quite resonate with me, but overall this will remain as one of the books that I will blame for causing another paradigm shift in my thinking!!!

    (someday, I’ll finish the Ross book).

  3. Thanks for the comment, Gary. I would definitely finish Enterprise Architecture as Strategy, as well. They have some great concepts, especially the operating model, that help with IT-business communication.

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