Effective EA Marketing and Communication – George Paras speaking at Western PA EA Forum

Although the word “marketing” can elicit negative thoughts in the mind of a technologist, it is a necessary consideration for any EA program in order to maximize its impact on the business and establish an environment for continued contributions.  George Paras will present on this topic and lead an interactive discussion at the November meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Enterprise Architects Forum on Monday, November the 9th in Pittsburgh.

Some topics to be in covered include:

  • Who are your customers and what do they really want?  How do they know they are getting just that?
  • How do define “value delivered” and what kind of measures do you take to prove it?  How can you account for short term and longer term value areas that you deliver against?
  • What is effective communication and how does this relate to the deliverables of an EA program?  What kinds of EA artifacts should you use to communicate with your customers in today’s high paced business environment?
  • Different styles of communication & why this matters?

The WPEAF was created in 2002 to provide opportunities for sharing best practices around the emerging field of Enterprise Architecture.  The mission of the group is to foster the sharing of non-competitive architecture processes, concepts, and artifacts in order to support business requirements.