Don’t Call It EA if It Isn’t EA! – Atlanta ITARC Event

Most organizations that claim to have an “enterprise” architecture practice are really only doing “IT” architecture (ITA).    What leads us to say that?  Our research shows that most organizations have limited their scope to include only IT elements like infrastructure, data and applications.  That’s OK in and of itself and it is a step up for many organizations, but that’s not EA.  Most  definitions of EA define it as creating a business strategy driven future state for the enterprise.   To achieve that goal, EA must include Business Architecture.

In a keynote presentation at the upcoming IASA ITARC Atlanta Event titled “Don’t Call It EA if It Isn’t EA!: Moving from IT Architecture to Enterprise Architecture”, Tim and I will continue the discussion he began in his blog entry last year, one of our most read and most commented entries.   We plan to explain the rationale behind this statement and share a few tips with attendees on steps they can take to move to a more fully realized EA practice.

If you are in Atlanta and plan to attend, please let us know.  We’ll be available to discuss  ideas with any organization interested in moving into business-oriented EA.

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