Architect Roles and Relationship with EA

During the IASA World Summit in New York City last week, George and I were asked to speak about the different levels of architecture and the roles of the architects that work in those levels. The presentation is below. Slide 18 seemed to generate the most discussion with the participants. Remember that we are not talking about individuals or titles, we are talking about roles. Many individuals may fill more than one role, and one role may be filled by many individuals, regardless of title. All of the roles need to be filled, and in more mature organizations, the Architecture community grows and there may be multiple people in each individual role, with the coordination and collaboration across all levels.

[slideshare id=5269576&doc=variationsonthearchitecturetheme-eaitaandsolutionsarchitecture-100923113620-phpapp02]

Are all of these roles filled in your organization?