Communication Planning for EA

At the Troux Worldwide Conference in Austin 2 weeks ago, several questions were submitted by participants to my panel that we didn’t have time to get to.  Over the next few weeks, George and I will be addressing them.  One that caught my attention was the following:  “What style of communication have you seen be most successful?”

This is actually a topic I have written an article about, summarized below, as it is one of the most common topics that comes up with our clients.

Communication is a key to transforming an enterprise through strategic planning, enterprise architecture, and enterprise portfolio management.  Critical to the success and effectiveness of communication is planning why, how, when, and with whom communication will take place.  The answers to those questions are determined through communication planning.

Effective communication can often happen “off the cuff” or at the “spur of the moment”; however, relying on spontaneous effective communication will not likely sustain most EA efforts.  It is the responsibility of EA leadership to create and maintain a systemic communication plan to support the establishment, execution and effectiveness of the EA program.

Follow this link for the complete article.