Enterprise Architecture and Strategy – Calgary EA Forum October 22, 2013

I once again have the pleasure of speaking with the friendly and enthusiastic EA community in Calgary, this time on the relationship between Strategy and Enterprise Architecture.  With EA gaining traction within the business community there is a whole new audience seeking to understand that relationship.  EA practitioners are being called upon to  explain, and demonstrate, how it all works.  Learn more and register, then join me for this session the evening of October 22, 2013 where I will present our perspectives and answer your questions.

Session Abstract:

This “EA and Strategy” session focuses on the “top” part of the “top-down” approach, examining the relationships between strategy and EA.  It will focus on the concept of strategy-driven EA and the production of enterprise architecture content that will help an organization realize its strategy.

Discussion will include an introduction to techniques designed to transition from strategy to architecture and will include a look at business models and operating models, capabilities, and the concepts of portfolios, current state and future state. In this session we will:

  • Understand the differences and similarities between Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
  • Describe the elements of the EA process and deliverables that link Strategy to EA, including business and operating models, other anchor models, environmental trends, capabilities lists, current state and future state models
  • Be able to identify the stakeholders, core participants and engagement methods involved with Strategy/EA activities for both IT-EA (IT- oriented EA) and True-EA (with active business engagement and/or ownership)
  • Understand soft-skill factors when operating in the Strategy/EA space