IT Strategy: Is it a function of Enterprise Architecture?

I recently saw a post in a LinkedIn forum (AEA) positing this questions.  Here is my response:

If EA is truly business strategy driven, and encompasses all domains, including security, operations and organization (in addition to the traditional domains of business, info/data, app and infrastructure), then there is no such thing as IT strategy. The EA would suggest work to be done/assets to acquire to continue to transform each domain in support of the strategy. And a mature portfolio management function would rationalize the expenditure of resources (people, money and budget) to keep the lights on. Cloud, mobile, and IoT are not IT strategies. They are potential technologies to leverage for business reasons. Outsourcing and vendor management approaches are also not strategies, they are a means to achieving business goals. There is only one set of strategic drivers, and the rest of the organization doesn’t have their own strategies, but rather a set of tactics rationalized against immediate and future needs.