EA Tips – Substance OVER Structure

If you read my post on “Style AND Substance” I stated that an EA team shouldn’t spend disproportionate energy on content creation without also paying attention to the many softer, stylistic elements associated with leadership and influence. One without the other and the team will fail. In this “EA Tips” post on “substance vs. structure” … Read more

Top-Performing EA Teams – A Panel Discussion

I had the opportunity last week to moderate two panels at the Troux Worldwide Conference. The first panel included EAdirections’ Tim Westbrock along with Mike Walker from Microsoft, Aleks Buterman from SenseAgility and Paul Preiss from IASA. The theme of the panel was a general discussion on characteristics of top-performing EA Teams. To begin the conversation, I asked each panelist to … Read more

Improving EA Team Performance

With the arrival of the New Year many EA teams are in the final stages of setting their annual objectives. This year, we find that many are being asked to perform at a level significantly higher than last year. They must do so in response to higher expectations placed on them by leaders who believe that EA plays a critical role in moving the enterprise into the future. With people as the critical element to EA success; it only makes sense to invest in team skills and performance.

Things EA’s Should Think About – External Collaboration

Traditional boundaries between organizations are giving way to innovative and creative relationships, driven by a combination of necessity and opportunity. Cross-company information exchange and collaboration is the central success component. Identifying and addressing external collaboration issues is tailor-made to the broad, cross-enterprise, cross-domain perspective and analyses that an EA group can bring to the table.

EA Activity Catalog

If an enterprise architecture team tries to be everything to everybody, at all possible levels of detail, at every point in time, it will fail. The attached presentation is a starting point to understand the range of activities you COULD do. The challenge is to determine which of these you CAN and SHOULD do.