Transformational View of EA

OK, so you think you are practicing Enterprise Architecture, right? As I have pointed out before, the key is the answer to the question, “Are you architecting the enterprise, or are you architecting IT?” As I dare say, most of you (if not all) would answer honestly that you are architecting the IT environment (apps, … Read more

Is it Enterprise Architecture or IT Architecture?

In many of the online EA forums I follow, too numerous to mention all by name, I am seeing an increasing amount of participants questioning whether topics are related to EA or not.   Generally these topics are about lower-level, technology decisions that while within the purview of the overall EA, are really infrastructure/operations level decisions.  … Read more

Business Architecture vs. IT Architecture

We are finding Business Architecture (BA) to be one of the most misunderstood but high-profile interests of business executives, CIOs and enterprise architects alike. They are asking questions like: • Is BA the key to enabling business transformation through an enterprise (EA) effort? • Does everyone have a business architecture? • Is it owned and … Read more