Enterprise Architects as Change Agents

Becoming an EA cultural change agent isn’t for everyone, but many reluctant practitioners have discovered that they are capable of doing it, once they embrace some of the concepts described here, practice them, and become confident in their abilities.

Did We Forget about Adaptive EA?

Lately, I have been wondering in my dealings with clients, prospects and online forums if we have forgotten this most basic, but important goal of EA – adaptability – the ability to accommodate change quickly and easily.  Complexity and the rate of change continue to increase, but the focus of many EA groups seems to … Read more

Who Decides?

Do you sometimes feel that your EA standards don’t carry any weight? You create them, publish them, and then when it comes time to apply them you find yourself re-justifying the standard or even justifying the need for standards in the first place?

Common Step to Effectiveness – Alignment across EA Community

A common theme that seems to be coming up often lately with clients, prospects and some of the online forums I read is the gaps and overlaps that exist among the many groups involved in the EA function.  As EA becomes more effective, there tend to be more formalized groups created.  It is common for … Read more

CIO’s and EA – Leadership Challenges in IT

We ask a lot of our CIOs. Just follow the myriad magazine articles and research pieces targeting CIOs to read of the breadth and depth of expectations heaped upon a single role. It’s a tough job and can’t easily be characterized into a simple role description. So, what is the CIO to do?

My Take on the Q&A from the The Open Group Seattle Event …

I recently attended The Open Group Architecture Practitioner’s conference in Seattle.  During the event, I was given the opportunity to present a Keynote on the Language of Business Architecture, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  A couple of my peers, Mike Rollings of Burton and Henry Peyret of Forrester, were present and gave interesting presentations, as well … Read more

CIO Forum in Chicago: EA Benefits Session and Panel, April 6/7

George Paras has been invited to join Leon Kappelman, Editor of “The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture” (a project of the SIM Enterprise Architecture Working Group (SIMEAWG)), in a session on EA benefits at the upcoming Chicago CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit to be held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center on … Read more

Architecture Readiness? What is that?

Recently I saw a question posted on a popular EA forum, asking about detecting the “architecture readiness” of the poster’s organization.   That got me to thinking about what we mean about “readiness” and is it that relevant anymore.  I admit that in the mid-90’s we would discuss the notion of an organizations readiness to embrace EA, … Read more