The State of EA: Is 2010 The Transitional Year?

In my role as Editor-in-Chief  of Architecture and Governance I recently had the opportunity to discuss the near-term future of EA with my fellow analyst and colleague-in-EA, Alex Cullen of Forrester Research.  During the webinar we discussed topics ranging from executive perceptions about EA to specifics on how organizations approached EA. Consistent with EAdirections research and our client experience I find … Read more

Tim speaking on BA Language at The Open Group Seattle

I will be speaking at the The Open Group Architecture Practitioner’s Conference in Seattle, WA during Day 2 of the  event at the Grand Hyatt Seattle, February 1-5, 2010. My presentation during the plenary session on Tuesday morning is entitled “Architecting the Business is Different than Architecting IT” and the session description and the rest of the … Read more

IASA “IT Architect Regional Conference” in Austin – George Paras Presenting

“Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an immature discipline and possibly getting even more immature.  As the scope of EA extends beyond the areas that IT-centric efforts are prepared for (data, app, infrastructure), the competency, credibility and effectiveness of an EA team may decrease.  However, there are a variety of ways to increase these characteristics for EA … Read more

Winnipeg IT Architects Community – George Paras Roundtable

George Paras will join the Winnipeg IT Architects Community’s October 8th meeting to share his experiences and perspectives while leading an interactive discussion on several topics requested by the Community.  Topics will include establishing and maturing an EA practice, finding and growing enterprise architects, and key strategies to establishing and operating practical and appropriate governance … Read more

New EA Book, “Coherency Management”, is Now Available

“Coherency Management – Architecting the Enterprise for Alignment, Agility and Assurance” is a new EA book from co-editors Gary Doucet, John Goetz, Palla Saha and Scott Bernard.    It includes a chapter, contributed by Larry DeBoever, George Paras and Tim Westbrock at EAdirections, entitled “A Pragmatic Approach to Enlisting the Support of CEOs for Enterprise Architecture”.  This chapter … Read more