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Too Much Tactical Focus with Business Architecture?

As more and more organizations embrace Enterprise Architecture with a concerted effort in Business Architecture (BA),. we are beginning to see one of the common pitfalls of IT Architecture (ITA) spill over — too much focus on the tactical, project…
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EA Value Contribution

What value does the EA function provide to the enterprise? That question consistently ranks in the top ten list of most frequently asked EA questions. The answer to the question depends on who is asking and what answer they expect to hear based on their personal and professional interpretation of the word “value”. A systematic, multi-part approach to addressing the value question can lend clarity.
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Portfolio Management Still a Key to Realizing EA & IT Benefits

Enterprise Architecture as long been considered a planning discipline.  Many times when asked about the value of EA, people will comment with the old axiom, “What is the value of a plan?”  While there is certainly some inherent value in…
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Overcoming the Tensions between Project Staff and EA Groups

Why is it that members of an organization’s enterprise architecture team don’t often see eye to eye with members of the project community, and vice-verse, and what can we do to fix it?
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Does EA Figure into Strategic Sourcing and Procurement?

Over the last year or so, I have been working with a company, BluePrint Marketing, which specializes in improving the sales and marketing capabilities of IT vendors. During that time, two things have become clear to me. 1) While IT…
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