Tactical (yet Strategic) EA – Keeping Both Sides Happy

We say it all the time, but the bottom line is it’s the truth – we don’t have enough time! As EA practitioners, we are always faced with the conflicting pressure to produce results now, while maintaining our focus on the strategic nature and future state target of the enterprise as a whole. This is … Read more

Governance Poll – Preliminary Results

Last month, in the Who Decides? entry and in a longer FAQ article, I discussed the pros and cons of various governance models for formalizing EA standards. In particular, I made the point that the EA team should neither take it upon itself to be the final decision-making body to approve standards, nor to let it default to them. The results are both good news and not-so-good news. Plus – take our new poll on standards compliance.

Who Decides?

Do you sometimes feel that your EA standards don’t carry any weight? You create them, publish them, and then when it comes time to apply them you find yourself re-justifying the standard or even justifying the need for standards in the first place?

A Simple Test for Analyzing EA Program Effectiveness

Many EA programs we examine suffer from one problem; they are mired in the details of a few narrow problem spaces and, as a result, are not as broadly focused as they should be.  A simple narrative-based analysis can help EA teams find the right level of detail for their work.  The narrative, while deceptively simple, reveals … Read more

Portfolio Management Still a Key to Realizing EA & IT Benefits

Enterprise Architecture as long been considered a planning discipline.  Many times when asked about the value of EA, people will comment with the old axiom, “What is the value of a plan?”  While there is certainly some inherent value in the artifacts, processes, and relationships developed by EA in and of themselves, the real benefits … Read more

Poll Update – Project Staff and EA

We’d like to thank everyone for responding to our poll from Overcoming the Tensions Between Project Staff and EA Groups.  The poll is now closed and here are the findings: We have a lot of work to do on our relationships!  Fully 71% responded that the relationship doesn’t exist or that there is room for improvement.  There is some good news … Read more