Business ‘Fit’ vs. Technical ‘Fit’: The Crucible of Strategy, Architecture & Governance

IT leadership and EA teams struggle with how to effectively engage business leadership regarding application systems that do not adhere to architectural standards or technology strategy.  A simple technique can be used to effectively illustrate when existing systems do not… Read more »

EA Profession: What’s Changing and What’s Not

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an immature discipline and possibly getting even more immature.   As the scope of EA extends beyond the areas that IT-centric efforts are prepared for (data, app, infrastructure), the competency, credibility and effectiveness of an EA team… Read more »

When EA & SOA Worlds Collide Presentation

Download Now: When EA and SOA Worlds Collide.pdf Right-click and ‘Save As…’ to download to your computer. Read more »

E-Government Trends, Common Practices and Benefits

The question for public sector organizations is no longer “Should we?”  Now it is “What is the Best Way …?”  E-government, the web-based online delivery of government services to its constituents, is the norm at all levels – federal, provincial/state,… Read more »

EA Frameworks: Pros and Cons – Inventory and Insights

A lot of attention – in the media, on EA-oriented websites, at conferences, and in the minds of enterprise architects themselves – is devoted to EA frameworks.  What are they?  Should I use one?  If so, which one?  What do… Read more »

Embrace Enterprise Transformation as a Core Concept

Transformation is the latest concept to capture the attention of business and IT executives alike.  Driven by a combination of improving economics, changes in the competitive landscape, a flurry of mergers and acquisitions and more aggressive public policy objectives, most… Read more »

Tactical (yet Strategic) EA – Keeping Both Sides Happy

We say it all the time, but the bottom line is it’s the truth – we don’t have enough time! As EA practitioners, we are always faced with the conflicting pressure to produce results now, while maintaining our focus on… Read more »

Getting Started with Enterprise Business Architecture

Many enterprise architecture (EA) groups struggle with affecting change in the ongoing activities and existing project portfolio that demonstrably moves the enterprise toward the future state business strategy.  One of the reasons is a lack of understanding of business strategy,… Read more »
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