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When EA & SOA Worlds Collide Presentation

Download Now: When EA and SOA Worlds Collide.pdf Right-click and ‘Save As…’ to download to your computer.
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EA Frameworks: Pros and Cons – Inventory and Insights

A lot of attention – in the media, on EA-oriented websites, at conferences, and in the minds of enterprise architects themselves – is devoted to EA frameworks.  What are they?  Should I use one?  If so, which one?  What do…
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Critical Success Factors for EA Effectiveness

There are some common critical success factors that EAdirections has recognized in highly effective EA programs.  Not all of these critical success factors are seen in every effective EA program; so each organization must determine which factors are hindering and…
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Communication Planning for Enterprise Architecture

Communication is a key to transforming an enterprise through strategic planning, enterprise architecture (EA) and enterprise portfolio management (EPfM). Critical to the success and effectiveness of communication is planning why, how, when, and with whom communication will take place. The…
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