About Us

EADIRECTIONS’ mentoring approach provides long-term guidance to organizations wanting to become more proficient at the key leadership and management disciplines of enterprise architecture, strategy formulation, portfolio management, governance, business architecture, organizational change management, and strategy execution.


Existing research practices, consulting firms, and articles on Enterprise Architecture (EA) speak exclusively to the practitioner.  We focus on Business and IT Leaders.  While others focus on frameworks, methodologies, modeling approaches and deliverables, we help client organizations apply the most effective concepts through improving the maturity, skills and effectiveness of leadership, teams, and the next generation of rising leaders.

Our strategy is to improve client effectiveness by using a mentoring approach to help clients rationalize disparate processes, integrate silo-oriented organizations, improve communications, and overcome adoption, leadership, sustainment and cultural challenges.

Our approach features on-going expert diagnoses and continuous improvement.  We address maturity-related issues based on long-range goals executed in manageable and realistic steps. Leaders apply our highly focused advice to the particular characteristics of their environment, team and maturity.

All of this is built on EAdirections’ thought leadership, independent expertise with a wealth of industry experience, applied with a pragmatic appreciation for each of our client’s unique characteristics.


Tim Westbrock“We are finally seeing business executives take notice of Enterprise Architecture and the role it plays in helping them plan for significant change in the way their business operates, not just in the IT environment.   Enterprise leadership is the real consumer of Enterprise Architecture.”

George S. Paras“EA isn’t a one-time exercise.  Good leaders structure their approach to EA as an engine that gathers and analyzes information, looks forward, generates actionable guidance for the enterprise, and then does it again.  In each cycle, the best EA leaders re-tune the engine.  Learning when, where and how much to tune is the key to sustained value delivery.”