Industry Partners

IT Ally, LLC offers a comprehensive combination of IT management services tailored for small and medium businesses including advisory, talent, and education to help grow, secure and modernize their organizations.

Michael C. Fillios is the Founder and CEO of IT Ally, LLC.  He is a four-time CIO and senior global executive with 25 years of experience in transformation, change leadership, business and technology management.

George S. Paras has been Editor-in-Chief of Architecture and Governance Magazine since 2005.  As an independent industry expert he is responsible for editorial policy.   He leads the Editorial Board to establish the editorial calendar and themes, review submissions, and select articles to be published.

Architecture & Governance Magazine is an online community targeted at Enterprise Architects, Portfolio Managers, Strategic Planners, Governance practitioners and IT Executives who are focused on the issue of driving business changes through Business Technology Management.  A&G magazine features industry case studies, analyst reports, and best practices related to our industry.