Tactical (yet Strategic) EA – Keeping Both Sides Happy

We say it all the time, but the bottom line is it’s the truth – we don’t have enough time! As EA practitioners, we are always faced with the conflicting pressure to produce results now, while maintaining our focus on the strategic nature and future state target of the enterprise as a whole. This is particularly true of EA programs that are still trying to gain credibility and momentum. Many of us have worked in environments where the pressure to do things immediately supersedes strategic or future-oriented work. While not the ideal, this is a very common situation that many enterprise architects experience. In order to maintain an EA Program at all in this situation you must consider engaging in some tactical activities, usually aimed at supporting one or more current implementation/integration projects, while trying to also advance the strategic nature of the EA program. While not sustainable in the long-term, these tactical efforts show the impact that the broader EA perspective can have on the delivery of projects.

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