Highlights of IASA World Summit 2010 from EAdirections

The IASA World Summit was another interesting event from Paul Preiss and his crew. Seems like the speakers get more interesting and relevant to EA practitioners at each IASA event. The ongoing debate on “Is EA a profession, a role, a specialty or something else entirely?” continued in full force. Scott Ambler, IBM’s Chief Methodologist … Read more

EA and SOA Revisited

There has been a lot of discussion recently on online forums, phone calls and visits with clients and prospects, and in the analyst community about the relationship between enterprise architecture and service-oriented architecture … again. Three years ago EAdirections did a webinar with David Linthicum entitled “When EA and SOA Worlds Collide.”  (The presentation is available for download.)  … Read more

Market Driven Enterprise Architecture Survey

Market Orientation is a business planning discipline that stresses an understanding of market conditions and their impact on your enterprise as the major driver for operational and strategic plans. Obviously, this should then also be a major driver for EA planning. Regardless of whether you formally adopt Market Orientation in your enterprise, you will find … Read more

Social Networking – What’s good for them is good for EA

Enterprise architects have historically struggled with the process of publishing content to the stakeholders in their organization. Surprisingly, EA practitioners as a whole have been reluctant to embrace the use of social networking for their own purposes…

E-government Trends, Practices and Benefits

The question for public sector organizations is no longer “Should we?” Now it is “What is the Best Way …? E-government, the web-based online delivery of government services to its constituents, is the norm at all levels – federal, provincial/state, county and municipal – in developed countries. In developing countries, it is even becoming more achievable. But is … Read more

EA Recruiting on the Rise

Over the last several months we have seen a measurable increase in companies recruiting Enterprise Architects and Chief Enterprise Architects. It indicates that senior leadership understands and appeciates the distinction between enterprise architects and other architects, that they want what EA does, and that they can justify and attach expected value to having individuals in the EA role.

Role of EA in Changing an Industry

I was speaking at an event recently and during the follow-up panel discussion, one of the audience members asked an intriguing question.  “What is the role that an enterprise architect can play in helping the healthcare industry implement recently mandated standards for diagnosis codes, electronic transmissions, etc.?”  This reminded me of an effort that I … Read more

Future of EA as a Profession – Tim in Calgary and Michigan

I recently presented at an AOGEA chapter meeting in Michigan.  The topic they asked me to present involved my view points on the profession of Enterprise Architect.   I will also be presenting on this topic at the CEAF Meeting in Calgary on October 20, 2009. Title:  “EA Profession:  What’s Changing and What’s Not?” Enterprise Architecture … Read more