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Highlights of IASA World Summit 2010 from EAdirections

The IASA World Summit was another interesting event from Paul Preiss and his crew. Seems like the speakers get more interesting and relevant to EA practitioners at each IASA event. The ongoing debate on “Is EA a profession, a role,…
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‘Deflation’ and Managed Services

A major theme of our discussions with IT Leadership and EA teams is to understand the ongoing changes in, and potential impact of, the continuing price/performance improvements in processing, networks, storage and services.  (See our materials on ‘Tech-tonics’ – the…
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Podcast available for “Architecture’s Scope Extends Beyond the Enterprise”

As I mentioned in my last post, I was part of a panel discussion at last month’s TOGAF event in Toronto. The podcast is now available at Interarbor Solutions, while the transcript can be found at BriefingsDirect. I would like…
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EA for Everybody!

EA has always been a polarizing phenomenon and remains so today. The diversity of opinions on exactly what EA is and how to approach it continues. While there are many variations, two opposing and deeply entrenched camps dominate. Despite these differing perspectives, I have rarely found an organization that couldn’t do EA once they get past their biases. This article highlights the two camps, analyzes complicating issues and offers remedies, and provides suggestions on how most organizations should proceed.
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