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EA Rediscovered – The Future State

One of the fundamental concepts in enterprise architecture is the creation of a Future State that holistically embodies directional guidance for decision-making.  The concept is often mis-understood and seems to have recently been lost in the noisy sea of conversations about models,…
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Enterprise Architecture and Strategy – Calgary EA Forum October 22, 2013

I once again have the pleasure of speaking with the friendly and enthusiastic EA community in Calgary, this time on the relationship between Strategy and Enterprise Architecture.  With EA gaining traction within the business community there is a whole new…
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Let the Budgeting Process Begin – EA’s Role

As the annual corporate budgeting season begins, we find ourselves again fielding client inquiries about the role that EA should play in this annual rite. Like many such EA best practice questions, there is the EA purist answer and then there are the many variations of more practical answers.
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EA Principles Have Little Value

Just recently I learned that a client’s CIO leadership team began a detailed and substantive discussion on EA principles, the implications they carry for their organization, and how they can use them to transform their journey into the future.   I…
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A Simple Test for Analyzing EA Program Effectiveness

Many EA programs we examine suffer from one problem; they are mired in the details of a few narrow problem spaces and, as a result, are not as broadly focused as they should be.  A simple narrative-based analysis can help EA teams…
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Effective EA Marketing and Communication – George Paras speaking at Western PA EA Forum

Although the word “marketing” can elicit negative thoughts in the mind of a technologist, it is a necessary consideration for any EA program in order to maximize its impact on the business and establish an environment for continued contributions.  George…
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