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Insights on Enterprise Application Architecture

As with any domain of EA (business, info/data, application, technology), you must establish a view, value proposition, and advocate/sponsor to apply architecture at the enterpise level. Without that, you continue the cycle of silo-oriented decision-making, design, and solutions.
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EAA Views – Portfolio and Platform

As has been stated by EAdirections and others, Enteprise Application Architecture (EAA) is generally the second area of EA to mature, following the Enterprise Technology Architecture.  As the infrastructure is standardized, the EA team looks to the consumers of that infrastructure to take advantage of the standardization – the business systems. As organizations begin to…
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Views in Enterprise Application Architecture

Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA) is typically the second-most mature and well-defined area of EA, after Enterprise Technology Architecture (ETA).  Makes sense, as applications are seen to be the responsibility of the IT group as much as the infrastructure.  ETA is often described/organized in terms of domains (i.e. server, middleware, network, database), while EAA is often organized…
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